Walk to The Bull Inn. Sonning.

Throwing stones into the canal, being caught in a rainstorm, climbing up muddy slopes, walking through a church courtyard to a pub for a well deserved drink, running through wild flowers. Today was a special day.
Loved. Unconditionally.

Loved. Unconditionally.

We started the day with dreams of kayaking the Everglades, pulling our little boat through the mangrove forests and catching a glimpse of a crocodile, a snake, a manatee or maybe even the elusive black panther. You of course had no idea when you woke what adventures...

Hello World

Hello! I am Sapna Odlin. I am a wife, mummy to two beautiful children, a programmer and a super hero (my cape is in the wash, along with everything else!). My husband and I love to cook together, but I also love to sit back and watch him cook. To observe the magic of...