Handmade Designer Luxury Chocolate – Cranberry and Poppy seed


Luxury designer chocolates by Rosetta D’Uva of Sweet Folie

We all have wonderful memories of flavours and images of our culinary experience. Sweet Folie®  specialises in creating desserts to match customer’s requests for a special occasion, theme, or just because so you can continue to make more culinary memories. Sweet Folie® is the creation of pastry chef and cake designer Rosetta D’Uva. Rosetta D’Uva creates wonderful and imaginative flavour combinations that not only look beautiful but taste like a little piece of heavenly luxury. Rosetta has created two special flavour combinations that are available at Sapna Odlin Photography’s online shop.

The price of £5.50 includes a 100g bar of chocolate and postage is included. Why not support a local artisan and buy this great gift as a stocking filler! These will last 3 months if you can bear not to eat them before then!

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