Hello! I am Sapna Odlin. I am a wife, mummy to two beautiful children, a programmer and a super hero (my cape is in the wash, along with everything else!). My husband and I love to cook together, but I also love to sit back and watch him cook. To observe the magic of growing our own vegetables to eat and flowers to gaze at from the kitchen window during a rare quiet moment is one of my simple pleasures in life. You see, life is hectic in the Odlin household. Our son is growing up and it’s a bittersweet time. We see glimpses of the man he will become one day. He is thoughtful, sensitive, empathetic and kind. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and he makes me laugh every single day. But with each day that goes by he changes; I no longer hear him laugh when I remove his socks from his feet, he no longer calls me ‘Mae’, but instead he locks his little finger with mine to make a promise he almost always instantly breaks. I believed my heart to be full; I could not have imagined that our little unit of 3 could have room for another. Then along came our daughter. With her first breath she took mine away. At the time of writing this she is just 4 months old, but it is almost impossible to imagine a life before her. She became a part of our family before she was even born, I realise that now. Our beautiful boy feeds her sticks covered in lichen, we scold and panic but then watch as our hearts implode with love when he sings to her in the car, a need to be near her always. Capturing their journey as brother and sister has become an obsession for me. Every day I strive to capture our love for them both; the perfect days, the not so perfect and the all together beautifully mundane are all here in my photographs. I would be honoured to offer you an alternative to a traditional family portrait shoot. My photographs of you and your family will tell a story of the unconditional love that binds your unit of favourite people together. We can locate your shoot at your family home where all the madness takes place – busy morning routines; cereal and coffee, wrestling school uniform on the kids, feeding the baby. Maybe you’d like to have your family meals captured; a time when you are all sitting together and sharing the intimate stories of your day. Or, you may choose another location, perhaps where your family spent a precious holiday, or a favourite park or spot in the great outdoors. I will capture the connection between you and your family, the beautiful chaos that ensues every day of your wonderful and hectic lives. The little moments that only the people who are closest to you will create that you will want to treasure forever.

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