Sapna is a fabulous photographer. She is exceptionally professional, warm & friendly but puts you at ease so you forget she’s there, enabling her to capture those precious moments in a family. Thank you for making us feel beautiful xxx

Sophie Handa

Designer, Funky Olive

Sapna brings a real atmosphere and a real emotion to her photos… each picture focuses on the subject: in this case it was our little one or us as a family, and still make the surroundings a big part of what you see. This captures the atmosphere perfectly, keep the photo alive and tells a story.
It was a treat to have Sapna spending time with us. it was very natural and relax: almost like a normal family morning whilst being photographed like super stars. We are looking forward to our next shot. We are loving each and every shot!!

Joseph Provino

Global Process Design, Improvement and Change Management

Thanks so much for sending another preview photo, made my morning, another gorgeous image!! I’m so glad I found you 🙂 x

Sam Vale Noya

Yoga Instructor, InspiredLife.Yoga

From start to finish Sapna has been an absolute pleasure to work with. When we first met, she immediately impressed me with her personable and friendly approach. This continued throughout every meeting I had to discuss my plans/requirements. Sapna created a relaxed atmosphere with no posing which created beautiful, whimsical photographs I will treasure. Sapna’s prices are also very reasonable, we would love another shoot in the future to capture our family as it grows!

Sophie Martin

Yoga Instructor, Mummy Sophie Yoga

Sapna is an artist, and an awesome human being. Everything she shoots hits me right in the feels. Beautiful photography and a true artist that really cares about what the client wants.

Ben Clynshaw


I don’t know how she does it but Sapna can capture my innermost feelings in photos. I hate my photo taken even to the extent that I wasn’t in the first shoot we had (she kindly took a few because she knew I’d change my mind), but with Sapna I don’t worry. None of the posing, none of the waiting around, you just do your thing and amazingly she takes pictures you didn’t know could happen. We have done 2 shoots with her and every time I see the results I plan the next one. A wonderful lady to work with not only for the quality of the photos but the lovely friendly, relaxed and personal approach.

Sarah Birch

I had a maternity photoshoot with Sapna and the results were incredible! Her use of lighting and tones and the way she captures moments are incredible, she is also lovely and makes you feel at ease. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Zoe Victoria Robson

Dance and Fitness Instructor, Move Fit -

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