Newborn Photography at home. A documentary portrait session with a yoga instructor Sam, her husband, their precious newborn girl and their cats. I met Sam when she asked me to photograph her beautiful pregnant body in Sulham woods some months back. The woodland floor was covered in bluebells, that shoot was a photographer’s paradise. Sam was up for a small trek into the woodland, where we found an amazing tree that appeared to cradle her body mimicking the way that she cradled her unborn baby. The sun shone on her warming her skin and relaxing us all. Fast forward a few months and Sam contacted me to tell me the good news, that she had been blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy. Sam has purchased a newborn portrait session, the “newborn photography at home” session was to take place in her home. The idea was to document babies first few days at home, you never forget the precious and magical time when a baby enters a home. Such a tiny tiny thing, so physically small and yet the entire house and everyone and everything in it is consumed by it. Burp cloths, size 1 nappies, gadgets, devices and contraptions all promising miracle cures to sleepless babies. Exhausted and emotional parents with thousand mile stares, with no thoughts other than to protect this child.

Sam’s home is a photographer’s dream, it’s minimal, white, full of succulents and bright. Bright bright bright. I hope you enjoy the photographs below as much as I did taking them 🙂


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