Ultrasound Scan ID Tag display frame


Did you know ultrasound pictures deteriorate over time, and what exactly do you do with the tiny little hospital ID tags except keep them locked away in a draw forgotten about. They grow so quickly it’s crazy to think they used to fit those tags. Why not proudly display your scans and tags in this beautiful keepsake.

What else do you receive for your investment? Well you received a USB stick with your ultrasound pictures – no more panicked searching of the scans. I will professionally edit your scans and remove any business names if you wish, I will straighten the pictures if they are at an angle. I will help you chose a newborn picture to add to the frame, I can also arrange a photoshoot for your newborn if you wish. You will receive this beautiful product within 6 weeks, order now to ensure you have it well in time for a special occasion.



Ultrasound scan photo frame - Sapna Odlin Photography

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