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Twin Girl Family Connection Photography – Family Connection Session

Sarah contacted me around a month ago to arrange a photoshoot of her, her partner and her insanely adorable twin girls. The shoot was at 2pm, I was at my son’s sport’s day, I missed the previous years sports day. It was a blistering hot day in June. Sarah opened the door, and I was greeted by a beautiful little girl with eyes like jewels and a voice that would later ask me to pick her up. Charming, just like my little boy. And then another one, her sister, a thoughtful one, quietly observing me, hiding behind mummy or daddy clutching to her dummy and peppa pig dolly.

I usually take my shoes off at a client’s house, but this house was spotless. “Where is your … stuff?” I asked. “What stuff?” asked Sarah. “You know, stuff stuff?” this magazine ready family had a home to put Mary Poppins to shame. They made me feel very welcome as we sat in the play room and the girls showed me their balloons from their party the previous day, if any of them were nervous it didn’t show. It is possible I was the nervous one, melting into a hot mess in the corner on the hottest day so far this year.

We took photographs of the family connecting, just being a family. The thing I love about photography is that I get to meet new people, I get to look and see how other people live. Who knew that a few miles away from my house, this cute little family live with their cat and their darling little girls. I absolutely love to photograph children, their little chubby fingers, the way their hair falls, their eyelashes and also the things they grow out of, the bits of glitter around the house, the drawings on the wall, the dolls and toy cars, breakfast left half eaten on colourful plates.

There was no half eaten dinner to photograph here, just the love between two parents and their precious little girls. There was no need to photograph biscuits crumbs and toys, everything they needed me to shoot was there between the four of them. We took a short walk to Sulham Woods, the girls finding joy in a feline fluff ball, the forest fern, dandelion fairies and a paddock of horses. The big people finding joy in the precious little girls.

This day will stay with me for a long time 🙂

Both mum and dad shed a tear as they viewed their day unfold in my photographs at their gallery viewing. As did the photographer 🙂

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