The morning journey to school is taking longer; the car sits miserable in it’s space as it warms up. Our 3 year old shivering in his baby seat, soon the beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves will be mushed into the ground or blown away. I’m anxious to capture the last of the autumn colour. A kind friend sent me a link to beautiful walks in Reading , so we set off for some leaf kicking fun in Caversham Court Gardens! There were barely a couple of trees left to photograph and the space was too big to capture a toddler running around. He had his fun and we headed up the road, bingo we found a tree lined road covered in all the colours of autumn, it was as sleepy little road on a hill. The leaves were upto our toddlers knees in parts and perfectly kickable. There were sycamore seedlings in the trees ready to impersonate spinning tops, charming us on their way down to the ground. Autumn captured. Toddler happy. Mummy happy x (daddy might have had some fun too)


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