As a wedding supplier and networker it’s important for me to get involved with collaborations with other suppliers. It helps to build my portfolio of the types of weddings I want to shoot and that I am good at shooting. They also help with inspire me and couples who are looking for ideas for their weddings, I also find it helps to build relationships with vendors who I go on to recommend and hopefully will recommend me.

When Sarah Jones from Sweet Indulgent Cakes posted on a Facebook group I help manage, to ask if anyone wanted to get involved in a styled shoot she received countless replies. She finally selected Laura Clifford – the Rustic Dresser, Emma Curtis from Emma Curtis Flowers, Becky Steljes from Hillfields Farm Estate Wedding Venue and me as the photographer. I asked Victoria Blüm from Victoria Blüm Calligraphy to get involved and our collaboration team was set. We created a Pinterest Mood board to organise our ideas. A decision was made to go with a navy blue and gold theme as it felt different and a date was set for the shoot. On the day I took along some studio photography as the venue was in a barn and the table set up was far from any natural light. Here are some photos from the shoot. If you are a couple who would like a quote for your wedding, please use the contact form below to talk to me.