In my time I have photographed a lot of mummies and babies, I always feel like I’m meeting a friend rather than photographing them. With Aimee it was no different, expect she was my midwife from 3 years ago. Aimee is a kind and compassionate midwife and really took the time to try and solve my problems, I really enjoyed going to see her. I could see how much she loved children and told her I’d love to photograph her if she ever became a mum herself. Fast forward 2 years (it’s taken me a while to blog this session) and she contacted me, I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to photograph her. She always loved my natural documentary style, and I think it suits baby photography perfected. The only direction I give is to ask mum to cuddle baby and to sit in beautiful light. That’s all, the rest just happens as if by magic. Aimee and her baby’s connection was the absolute sweetest. Aimee’s baby was as cuddly as my baby is and it was a joy to photograph. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Mum and baby - Harris Gardens


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