Rockstar Bride Cardigan Castle Wedding – what I love about wedding photography is the opportunity to travel to places I’ve never been to. I have a young family and travelling to weddings would take me away from my precious family time, so I choose the weddings I shoot based on whether I’d like to travel there with my family and make a small holiday out of it. When I was given the opportunity to shoot Morgan and Josh’s wedding in Cardigan – Wales I jumped at the chance! we had no idea how to get to the location and more importantly the reception venue. The bride and groom were swimming to the ceremony. Wait. What? Yes you heard that right, swimming, more on that later. And the ceremony was at Cardigan Castle. My husband, my 4 year old and my 4 month old baby travelled by train, bus, taxi and lord knows what else to get there. It took us 2 days. We did lots of lovely things to make the trip memorable like stopping at Fishguard for lunch and photos and staying at a wonderful b&b called Bethsaida in Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. We had a very very comfortable stay at this sympathetically renovated Chapel run coincidently by a couple who used to live not far from us in Reading! That evening my family and I joined the locals at a cool little place called PizzaTipi , where we sat around a large fire drinking local ales and eating wood fired pizza, our little boy was in his element.

Anyway we enjoyed a lovely stay at the Bethsaida, the beds were large, cosy and comfortable. The b&b itself was luxurious and the breakfast was absolutely delicious, we chose from full English, to fresh fruit to overnight soaked oats for porridge. I was set for the day. I caught a taxi to the location that the wedding party were going to meet at an ungodly hour, the party was to set off in canoes and some of them were going to swim. I managed to capture some of the party before shivering to death! The rockstar bride dove into the water, followed quickly by her husband to be. A few of their friends jumped in after them and a few followed the map on foot with me. We managed to get a little lost on the way, I was afraid we’d miss the party getting out of the water, I was also getting slower because of my post pregnancy SPD.  Luckily when we were a couple of miles away a van stopped and we hitched a ride to the exact location that the party were about to swim to, I waited smug in the knowledge I’d got there in time to see the bride and groom about to swimming up, I could see them getting closer, I had enough time to get my camera prepared, and even enough time to try out a few different angles, imagining where Morgan would get out of the water and where best to position myself to get the best shots. I could hear them splashing in the water, followed closely by a few friends, I prepared myself .. as they swam elegantly past me! Argh! Panic took over me and I shouted incoherently at Morgan’s friends “where are they going??” they pointed over the bridge. I ran the opposite way around the canoe shack , past Cardigan Castle and over the bridge, the bride and groom swimming like tiny pooh sticks under the bridge. I ran around the boat house and positioned myself for the third time that morning for a grand entrance. I had seconds to prep my camera, and my footing.

Moments later everyone was out of the water, shivering in the boat house drinking tea and scoffing delicious flapjacks. The bride casually made her way to Cardigan castle to get ready in the most relaxed way I’ve ever seen. The ceremony was small and beautiful, the bride and groom looked like best friends in love. It reminded me a lot of my own wedding day. Morgan looked beautiful and so happy, Josh looked like the luckiest man alive. The reception was at a farm a car journey away, again it was a very relaxed party rather than a formal event. I managed to steal the couple away for 10 mins or so to do a couple of portraits in the old cow sheds before going off to enjoy a glass of Prosecco myself (by invitation of course!).

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